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The Asker book

Health in progress - the book about Asker Healthcare Group.

If you want to know the full story of Asker, you can contact us here to receive your copy as a pdf.

The book charts the exciting journey ahead for companies in the Asker Healthcare Group – companies that are relentlessly working together and independently to improve health and enable more sustainable healthcare. It’s written for all of Asker’s stakeholders: employees, entrepreneurs, investors, customers, partners – anyone in the Asker sphere.

The content has three main sections:
1. WHY progress is needed in European healthcare.
2. WHAT we are doing to make a difference.
3. HOW we drive progress.

So with this book we want to invite you to join us on the exciting journey ahead!

Below you can read some examples of what the book covers:

"Nothing is impossible"

The human being is amazing. We are capable of almost anything when we put our minds to it and really commit to solving a problem. This is how significant improvements in society have been achieved since the beginning of time. For millions of years, humans have overcome huge obstacles, leading us to the moon, the stars and beyond, while also exploring the inner secrets of life and nature. Our advancements in science and technology have paved the way for enormous improvements in the quality of our lives – the invention of the wheel, discovery of electricity, a vaccine for smallpox, the eradication of many other diseases, to name just a few areas.


"Why healthcare supply as we know it will change"

If your are shopping for groceries, you will most likely turn to your preferred supermarket. You trust them to collect a product assortment that caters to all your needs. If we go back 50 years in time, these kinds of distributors did not exist. Back then, you’d have to visit the butcher for meat, the bakery for bread, the farmer for dairy products and so on. Today, this all sounds extremely time consuming and inefficient. Yet the sad truth is that, to a large extent, this is how the healthcare industry still works today. This we want to change. Just as when you are shopping for food, a caregiver should have a full-service distributor to provide a wide selection of high-quality brands, at favourable prices, all gathered in one place and made easy to order.

"Our purpose at Asker is to work with dedication and ambition to make a positive difference in improving health. This book is an important instrument presenting the Asker way"

- Peter Gustafsson, COO