ESG strategy

Sustainable development is complex, so to ensure that we take action and do our part, we have set an ESG-strategy with concrete actions and targets. We have a holistic and inclusive approach on sustainability. We call it ”a bigger care”:
Our companies improve people’s health and care for the world around us. The companies in the Asker group are inclusive and diverse long-term partners to the healthcare providers in Europe offering safe, high quality products and services, while taking responsibility for a fair and sustainable value chain.

You can read and download our ESG strategy here. Below is a summary.

ESG Focus areas

Healthy lives

We contribute to make healthcare accessible and democratic, by improving patient outcome and reducing total cost of care, with our complete offer of safe high quality medical products and services.


  • Implementation of QMS in all our companies
  • Measure customer satisfaction in all companies


  • % of companies working in accordance with Asker’s quality management standards
  • % of companies actively measuring customer satisfaction

Inclusiveness & equality

We create a positive social impact for everyone across our value chain as well as high employee safety and wellbeing in all the companies in the group.


  • Implementation of a process for onsite supplier audits of our PVL products
  • Programmes with regular training in employee safety
  • iEmployees’ surveys
  • Ensure an equal gender ratio
  • Asker Business School for employees


  • % of tier 1 PVL suppliers audited within last 24 months
  • Injury incident rate
  • Employee engagement score
  • % of women in Group management

Circularity & carbon footprint

In alignment with Agenda 2030, our ambition is to be carbon neutral in our operations and reduce the carbon footprint from our products by 20%.


  • Implementation of science based target initiative and reduce annual emissions 
  • Developing eco-friendly private label assortment 
  • Reduction of carbon levels – Scope 1 & 2 CO2 per mSEK revenue 
  • Reduction in Scope 3 CO2e – based on sustainable initiatives implemented annually

Transparency & ethics

All the employees in the group are Code of Conduct educated and certified. We report our progress towards our goals yearly in the sustainability report.


  • Code certification by e-learning
  • Yearly sustainability report according GRI


  • % of employees trained in & acknowledged Code of Conduct per year

10 key ESG issues we address

  • Sustainable production 
  • Responsible sourcing 
  • Greenhouse gas management 
  • Human capital development 
  • Corporate governance 
  • Sustainable consumption 
  • Customer development 
  • Product safety & quality 
  • ESG management 
  • Transparency & disclosure

We want to make impact across the value chain

As a leading European provider of medical supplies, devices and equipment, we operate right in the middle of this value chain, serving as a vital link between production and consumption. This puts us in a unique position to drive progress in the area of sustainability, together with our partners. We know that we can have a greater impact on emissions by influencing production at our suppliers and waste practices among our customers. Less than 1% of the total product carbon footprint comes from our own operations. About 60% is from emissions in production, 6% transport and about 34% is from waste in the healthcare sector.