Our companies introduce many initiatives and innovations to drive progress towards a sustainable healthcare ecosystem. It is a shared commitment in our group and together with our customers.

Expertise support for diabetic products

Our team in Netherlands has started a knowledge hub about insulin sensors and glucose monitoring products for people with diabetes. A team of specialist nurses provides support via a web site called There is a lot of information and practical things to keep in mind if you get diagnosed with diabetes. The good thing is that many innovations and helpful technologies have improved everyday lives for diabetics in the last decades. The introductions of new insulin pumps, glucose sensors and innovative applications follow each other in a rapid pace.

Naturally, there may be many questions and that is precisely why our team has developed It shall serve as a knowledge website to bring together important information in the field of insulin pumps, glucose sensors and new technology in one central place. It shall be objective, independent and up-to-date. Also, it shall give voice to people’s different experiences to share insights and help. In this way, we help people with diabetes with their way of life and healthcare professionals with their way of caring.

Empowering nurses for better wound care

Our WoundCare Programme, a key initiative within our “Healthy lives” focus area, empowers nurses to significantly improve patient outcomes with better treatment results and faster healing times. It also enables them to help more patients, reduce the use of antibiotics, and minimise the impact from transport and waste. The programme combines a nurse’s own deep knowledge and experience with the advantages of innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Image recognition and machine-learning functions support better frequently than necessary. 

Not only is a burden on time-pressed nursing staff who are often required to make more frequent home visits, but it is a wasteful use of supplies and lengthens the overall wound healing time. First initiated in Sweden six years ago and introduced in Finland a few years later, the Wound care programme both improve patient outcomes and reduce the total cost of care. In Finland, studies validated by Nordic Health Care shows that the Wound care programme has reduced both the wound nursing time per week and the total direct wound care costs (salary, product and travelling cost) with 80%.

Products that make a difference

A strong demand for consumables and single-use products in the healthcare sector is putting pressure on our planet in terms of production, transportation, and waste. By developing a new range of products that contributes to reducing environmental impact, we hope to inspire and lead the change towards more sustainable healthcare. Products in the range fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  • <20–30% less CO2 in a product compared to current, baseline 2021 due to lighter material or less use of raw material
  • More than 50% bio-based material, with a switch from fossil to bio-based or other reusable source
  • Minimum 70% of the material comes from renewable sources. This is also valid for the packaging required to "use the product" – that is, first-level packaging.

This initiative is an important part Asker Healthcare Group’s ambition to reduce the carbon footprint attributable to our products by 20%. And since much of the production of healthcare consumables takes place in countries that are classified as "high risk" regarding labour and human rights, we have ESG management personnel at key locations worldwide to safe guard good labour and environmental conditions