Asker is committed to conduct business in a fair and ethical way. Our good reputation is based on integrity and sound business practice. We strive to maintain a transparent business environment and high standards in line with our Code of conduct.
As an employee within the group you have an important role by raising concerns such as non-compliance with laws or regulations, violations of our Code of conduct or other forms of serious ethical misconduct. We seek to sustain a culture that encourages everyone to speak up. You will not suffer any retaliation or other negative consequences for raising concerns in good faith.


Reporting of a concern may be done in several ways: 

  • Contact your manager, management team, HR or legal department
  • Online through our WhistleB channel: www.report.whistleb.com/asker or if you believe that internal and direct management of a concern by Asker is not possible (e.g. when concerns or suspicions relate to the Group CEO or a board member), you can use Nalka’s whistleblowing platform instead. Nalka’s whistleblowing guidelines are presented here: www.report.whistleb.com/en/nalka

WhistleB ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower. The service is separate from the organisation's IT environment. WhistleB does not track IP addresses or other data that could identify a person sending a message. Messages are encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. WhistleB cannot decrypt and read messages.