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Vision and mission

Our vision and mission capture what we want to achieve as a company and for the world we operate in.


Our vision

To be the leading healthcare group in Europe within medical supplies, devices and equipment, by building and acquiring companies that together with healthcare providers and patients create a better health for all.

Our mission statements

Improved patient outcome

We support caregivers and patients to ensure optimal results. We make sure patients and professionals have access to the right products and the right knowledge at the right time in order to facilitate treatments and achieve the best outcomes.

Reduced total costs of care

We reduce the cost burden for society by improving efficiency in the healthcare system. We not only reduce costs by providing purchase power to the healthcare providers – we also reduce costs by contributing to increased efficiency of treatments and process.

Fair and sustainable value chain

We improve people’s health and care for the world around us. We offer safe, high-quality products and services, while taking responsibility for a fair and sustainable value chain.