Asker Business School

Asker Business School (ABS) is our university where we collect and share learnings within our group. It is also our meeting point, where colleagues from across the group meet each other and share experiences and connect. It is where management teams and all new colleagues of new group companies come to be introduced to the group, our values and our way forward.

The role of ABS is also to nourish a sustainable entrepreneurial culture and ensure high quality measures of products and services, compliance to group policies and high ethical standards. 
We have group training sessions which cover five main blocks: 

• Group strategy and values 
• Financial excellence and working capital 
• M&A and valuation 
• ESG and code of conduct 
• IT Integrity and regulatory compliance including MDR 

Our ambition is that Asker Business School will be our online and onsite campus providing the opportunity for personal growth and development by providing education and inspiration.

“I loved meeting other entrepreneurs and sharing experiences”

Participant, Asker Business School