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Our values

Our values unite us, guide us and form the operating principles of all the companies of the group. Our values can be viewed either from the point of view of an employee or the whole Group, and they guide us in how we should act and aim to be perceived by society.

Caring for customer

As an employee: We are a truly customer centric company. We never let our customers down and always strive to exceed their expectations. We acknowledge that healthcare is mission critical and we see the patient. We honour their trust and do our outmost to help them by genuinely caring and go the extra mile to support them. 

For society:  We are a partner to our customers and stand by their side. We understand their most critical challenges and help them address these. We use our sourcing power and share value with our customers in a modern and sustainable business model.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
We strive to establish long-term reliable partnerships with customers and suppliers.
We assign the highest priority to improve patient outcomes and reduce total cost of care.

Passion for improvement

As an employee: We always strive for improvement. It is in our DNA to always try to improve what we do and how we do it.

For society: We take it upon ourselves to drive change in the European Healthcare system. We are not satisfied with how it works today. We stay true and work hard towards our purpose: Health in Progress; to be a positive force towards change for the benefit of all.

We challenge the way things are done.
We explore new channels for developing ourselves and our business.
We are creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Taking responsibility

As an employee: We believe in the power of the individual, to take responsibility and to contribute. Through our joint effort we make a positive difference – for patients, people and planet.

For society: We acknowledge the importance of the healthcare industry while understanding its substantial footprint on our planet. It is at our heart to do what we can to ensure availability of high quality care and products for all, supported by a fair and sustainable value chain.

We aim to contribute to sustainability.
We view ethics as an integral part of conducting business.
We keep our promises and deliver on time.
We respect our co-workers and motivate and inspire team members.

Our purpose

We are health in progress

Fundamental changes are needed in healthcare, progress is required. Improved patient outcome, lower total cost of care, increased efficiency and sustainable solutions to secure tomorrow’s care. That is our pledge at Asker Healthcare Group

We build and acquire leading companies that make a positive difference in the European healthcare ecosystem. Their products, services and innovations help to drive progress in improving, saving and sustaining lives. By developing sustainable solutions and being a close, reliable and high-quality partner to caregivers, we support the changes needed for the European healthcare system. 

As individual companies and together as a group and in partnership with caregivers we aim to make a difference and create better health for all – we are Health in Progress.