Asker engage in efforts to keep plastic waste from the oceans

Asker Healthcare Group has engaged in an initiative driven by the environmental organisation Sungai Watch. Sungai Watch's mission is to protect and restore rivers in Indonesia and stop plastic waste from flowing into the ocean.

"The healthcare sector has an extensive need for single-use products and plastics which is having a negative impact on the planet. A major share of these products are produced in Asia, one of the regions where the problems with waste management are most comprehensive. Therefore, we are very happy to support the important work of Sungai Watch. They are making a positive impact every day in their relentless efforts to keep plastics out of the oceans,” says Sanna Norman, Head of ESG at Asker Healthcare Group.

Founded in 2020, Sungai Watch operates in Indonesia’s most polluted regions. The organisation has created a system where trash barriers collect plastics from rivers before it reaches the ocean. The process includes sorting and up-cycling/reusing of the plastic waste. Their goal is to place 1,000 barriers in Indonesia and so far, 177 barriers have been installed and over 900 tons of plastics have been collected.

As a leading distributor of medical supplies, devices and equipment in Europe, Asker Healthcare Group is engaged in several initiatives to reduce the negative impact of the products used in healthcare. Asker’s direct impact is small, but aims to take responsibility for the whole value chain including waste management. The support for Sungai Watch is one of the initiatives Asker supports in 2023.

Read more about Sungai Watch: https://sungai.watch/


For further information, please contact:

Emma Rheborg, Head of Communication, Asker Healthcare Group

Tel: +46 73 313 62 17

E-mail: emma.rheborg@asker.com


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