Taking greater responsibility to reduce the climate impact of healthcare

Asker Healthcare Group’s subsidiary, Evercare Medical, has developed a new product series – Embra – with consumables created to reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare and medical services.

The need for medical consumables and medtech equipment in the healthcare and medical services sector is burdening the planet in the form of production, transportation and waste and accounts for a substantial share of CO2 emissions from global healthcare and medical services. Embra’s products are designed to produce a much smaller carbon footprint than comparable products.

“If healthcare is to quickly become more sustainable, it is essential that it has access to products with a lower climate impact. We want to take greater responsibility and make an active contribution to these efforts. It is therefore of central importance that one of our companies has now developed a range of products with lower CO2 emissions that complement our suppliers’ products and can drive the changes needed to achieve greater sustainability in healthcare and medical services,” says Sanna Norman, Head of ESG at Asker Healthcare Group.

The first product in the Embra series is a medical examination glove, Embra Proceed, with 27% lower CO2 emissions than comparable products. Gloves are one of the most widely used products in healthcare. Every year, more than 300 billion medical disposable gloves are used worldwide, and about 1.9 billion in Sweden.


For further information, please contact:

Emma Rheborg, Head of Communication Asker Healthcare Group
Phone: +46 73 313 62 17
E-mail: emma.rheborg@asker.com


Facts about Embra Proceed

  • Embra Proceed is produced using a new nitrile-based material that reduces energy use in the production phase.
  • CO2 emissions from the product are 27% lower than comparable products (17 g CO2 per glove). In Europe, approximately 29 billion nitrile examination gloves are used each year. If these were replaced by Embra Proceed, annual CO2 emissions would be reduced by almost 500,000 tons. By way of comparison, this is equivalent to driving a car about 2 billion kilometers (source: www.zeromission.se)
  • The glove is free from latex, talc and phthalates and is manufactured using technology that reduces the amount of chemical additives, which produces a more skin-friendly glove.

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